Update on the CAA’s Review of Edinburgh Airport’s Airspace

Press Release from Edinburgh Airport for communities impacted by Edinburgh Airport: 

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has temporarily halted its review of Edinburgh Airport’s airspace change proposal which will cause a pause in the process we are following.

The CAA has sought clarification relating to technicalities in our proposed design and the co-ordination of air traffic control on a local and national level. This co-ordination, which sees NATS dealing with airspace changes from Glasgow and Prestwick Airports as well as ourselves has meant that the initial timescales we asked for from them are now no longer achievable.

In terms of the design, we have worked hard to put forward proposals that responded to our consultations and minimised our impact on surrounding communities.

It is robust and tested, however, in trying to minimise the impact on Cramond we have asked for a new design.  It is clear we have more work to do to convince the CAA that this is the right design and that it works for the airport and Cramond.

This is a hugely important decision for the CAA and we welcome its challenge.  It is incumbent on all agencies involved to make sure the right decision is made for Scotland and we believe that if it takes longer than first anticipated, then it is worth it.

We are working hard with the regulator and NATS to answer the further questions asked, provide further clarity and ensure that the analysis and assessment of our proposals restarts as soon as possible.

We are confident that we can keep to our overall project plan and have our changes in place by Spring 2019.  We’ll continue to work to that goal.

In the meantime, we will issue the document explaining what we proposed and why, and hold the range of stakeholder meetings planned to accompany it.


Gordon Robertson
Director of Communications

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