Public Consultation – Pentland House Development

There will be a public consultation held on Tuesday 27 June, from 3pm – 7pm, regarding the proposed redevelopment of Pentland House.

Edinburgh Napier University would like to turn the building into student accommodation and landscape the surrounding area. This is the first public consultation before a formal planning application is made.

Agents will be available from 3pm – 7pm with plans and drawings.

Local attendance is encouraged.


Date: Tuesday 27 June 2017

Time: 3pm – 7pm

Venue: Unit 4, Edinburgh West Retail Park (the empty unit), Chesser Avenue.


More information can be found on the council website. 


Location map

Exterior of Pentland House, Robb’s Loan


  • Fay Garden

    As a resident of Chesser Crescent I would like to make r known I am completely against and object heavily the proposed plans for student accommodation as are all of the local residents I talked to.

  • Peter Jaaniste

    Was unable to attend the meeting re Pentland House.
    Will there be further meetings so that council and Napier University are able to listen to the local residents and work with them to find a solution, if there are many criticisms.

  • Lorraine Landles

    I have just seen this on 18 July and it wasn’t widely distributed to the Chesser eltringham residents – not everyone is part of the Hutchison Chesser community council. This should have been handled better – there are a lot of unhappy people regarding this project – notification was dire !

  • Rick Stamper

    What is happening to Pentland house on Robbs loan now as Napier University has pulled out of there project. And also concerned as the entrance is not Robbs loan but Chesser Crescent ? And Daltons scrap metal trucks are going in daily parking in our street to gain access to the site.. Also if there there is a change off use and planning why where we not informed about this

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