Join Clean, Green Hutchison

Earlier this year Gavin Corbett suggested launching a ‘Clean, Green Hutchison’ campaign and it received a lot of positive response from local residents and businesses alike.

We’d like to set up a meeting with anyone interested to explain a bit more about what the campaign might do, and how people might want to get involved.

We encourage anyone interested to get in touch – no commitment necessary at this stage! – and we’ll get a meeting date sorted.

This is a really exciting new opportunity in our great community!

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  • A Steele

    Council tax is paid to keep areas clean, amongst other things, so why should council tax paying residents have to clean up the area, especially when refuse collection fails to do the basic job of emptying bins and recycling containers they are paid to collect? If these were emptied on due dates, less rubbish would be strewn across the streets.
    This is an ongoing disgrace.

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