2nd Update on the Edinburgh Airspace Change Proposal

From Edinburgh Airport 


Whilst we continue to work with NATS and the CAA to clarify the points raised, we have now published our Rationale Document explaining what we have proposed and why.  

Our Airspace Change Proposal responds directly to what we learned during the two periods of consultation and the many voices that participated have influenced our thinking and indeed the choices we have had to make. It is no exaggeration to say that our submission is a collective work. We have actively listened and have been grateful for the levels of engagement we’ve received. Every submission has been read, assessed and considered as part of our proposal design.

Throughout the programme our task has been to make a case – a case based on balancing our communities’ requirements, our operational requirements and the requirements of our regulator. I hope that you recognise our striving for balance and that the consultations undertaken have formed a critical part of our thinking. 

Based on feedback received during consultation we have also commissioned an Environmental Assessment which addresses environmental issues such as noise and air quality as well as a tranquillity and visual intrusion study, a health impact assessment and an equalities impact assessment.

 You can read more about our proposal and our Environmental Assessment on our website www.letsgofurther.com    


I hope that you find these reports useful and would like to thank you again for your engagement with our programme to date.   


Gordon Robertson

Director of Communications



Objection to Pentland House planning application

At our meeting on Monday 11th September, a large number of residents attended to voice their concern and objection to the Pentland House planning application. The application requests a change of use from office building to student housing.

As a statutory body the Community Council can lodge a response on behalf of the community.

Following our monthly meeting the Community Council took the decision to formally object to the application on behalf of the local community. The objection is noted below.




At a meeting of the Hutchison Chesser Community Council it was decided to submit an objection to the proposed development of Pentland House into 337 student flats for the following reasons: –


  1. At the HCCC meeting on 11 September a number of residents attended who were very concerned about the change in use and its impact in the area.  However, it was also emphasised that many of the local residents are very elderly, without online access, and who found it difficult to get information about the proposal or to submit their views.
  2. Residents fear the impact on residential amenity given the close proximity of a young and short term population with a settled population of families with children and older people: impacts include noise in the neighbourhood, especially late at night.
  3. Residents are concerned about traffic impact and impact on adjacent on-street parking, given that only limited parking is provided on-site
  4. The proposal is contrary to the council’s student guidance (2016) which seeks to ensure that developments of this scale are mixed-use


It is the wish of HCCC that this objection is lodged and is taken into serious account in coming to a recommendation and in the committee deliberations


Yours sincerely


Hutchison Chesser Community Council


First Autumn Meeting: Monday 11 September

The first Community Council meeting of the autumn will be Monday 11 September, at 7.30pm. All very welcome.

Pentland House

We’ve had a lot of feedback from the local community surrounding the Pentland House renovation. We’ve applied to extend the deadline for objections until 14 September to allow us to gather feedback from the community at this meeting. We’re awaiting confirmation that this request has been approved.

We’d encourage as many local residents as possible to attend this meeting.

Change of Venue 

Please note, we’ll be meeting inside St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School, and not in the Porta-Kabin in the playground.

Public Consultation – Pentland House Development

There will be a public consultation held on Tuesday 27 June, from 3pm – 7pm, regarding the proposed redevelopment of Pentland House.

Edinburgh Napier University would like to turn the building into student accommodation and landscape the surrounding area. This is the first public consultation before a formal planning application is made.

Agents will be available from 3pm – 7pm with plans and drawings.

Local attendance is encouraged.


Date: Tuesday 27 June 2017

Time: 3pm – 7pm

Venue: Unit 4, Edinburgh West Retail Park (the empty unit), Chesser Avenue.


More information can be found on the council website. 


Location map

Exterior of Pentland House, Robb’s Loan