The Hutchison Chesser Community Centre, which is situated in the grounds of St Cuthbert’s School, is in need of extensive repairs in order to continue to provide a venue for local groups.

The Centre is currently under-used and needs an injection of interest, support and funding in order to continue.

The situation was discussed at an extra meeting on 15 January 2018 and the Community Centre Committee will be meeting soon to discuss options for the Centre’s future.  Cllrs Gavin Corbett, Andrew Johnston and David Key have offered support but have advised that we would need to demonstrate how we can increase usage of the Centre, in order to attract the necessary funding from the Council.

The outcome of their discussions will be on the agenda for the next meeting of the Hutchison Chesser Community Council, which will be held on the 12 February 2018 at 7.30 pm in St Cuthbert’s School.

 In the meantime, Cllr Gavin Corbett is undertaking the following fact-finding exercise on our behalf:

  1. Contacting the Consultation Hub staff at the Council for advice on getting community feedback on the centre
  2. Contacting North Merchiston Club staff to ask if Hutchison-Chesser Centre committee can visit to see the set up there, and what it takes to manage it.
  3. Contacting the council surveyor to request a copy of the inventory of repair/condition issues

In order to try to attract the funding for the repairs and maintenance of the Centre, we need local people to show their support by contacting us with their views and their ideas of how to make the Centre a viable venue for local groups.

We would like to invite anyone from the community who is interested in helping to save the Centre to attend the next meeting on 12 February, to email or write to us*, or speak to our Chair, Harry Sutherland as soon as soon as possible.

*Send written correspondence C/O Gavin Corbett: The City of Edinburgh Council, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ

Join Clean, Green Hutchison

Earlier this year Gavin Corbett suggested launching a ‘Clean, Green Hutchison’ campaign and it received a lot of positive response from local residents and businesses alike.

We’d like to set up a meeting with anyone interested to explain a bit more about what the campaign might do, and how people might want to get involved.

We encourage anyone interested to get in touch – no commitment necessary at this stage! – and we’ll get a meeting date sorted.

This is a really exciting new opportunity in our great community!

2nd Update on the Edinburgh Airspace Change Proposal

From Edinburgh Airport 


Whilst we continue to work with NATS and the CAA to clarify the points raised, we have now published our Rationale Document explaining what we have proposed and why.  

Our Airspace Change Proposal responds directly to what we learned during the two periods of consultation and the many voices that participated have influenced our thinking and indeed the choices we have had to make. It is no exaggeration to say that our submission is a collective work. We have actively listened and have been grateful for the levels of engagement we’ve received. Every submission has been read, assessed and considered as part of our proposal design.

Throughout the programme our task has been to make a case – a case based on balancing our communities’ requirements, our operational requirements and the requirements of our regulator. I hope that you recognise our striving for balance and that the consultations undertaken have formed a critical part of our thinking. 

Based on feedback received during consultation we have also commissioned an Environmental Assessment which addresses environmental issues such as noise and air quality as well as a tranquillity and visual intrusion study, a health impact assessment and an equalities impact assessment.

 You can read more about our proposal and our Environmental Assessment on our website    


I hope that you find these reports useful and would like to thank you again for your engagement with our programme to date.   


Gordon Robertson

Director of Communications



Update on the CAA’s Review of Edinburgh Airport’s Airspace

Press Release from Edinburgh Airport for communities impacted by Edinburgh Airport: 

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has temporarily halted its review of Edinburgh Airport’s airspace change proposal which will cause a pause in the process we are following.

The CAA has sought clarification relating to technicalities in our proposed design and the co-ordination of air traffic control on a local and national level. This co-ordination, which sees NATS dealing with airspace changes from Glasgow and Prestwick Airports as well as ourselves has meant that the initial timescales we asked for from them are now no longer achievable.

In terms of the design, we have worked hard to put forward proposals that responded to our consultations and minimised our impact on surrounding communities.

It is robust and tested, however, in trying to minimise the impact on Cramond we have asked for a new design.  It is clear we have more work to do to convince the CAA that this is the right design and that it works for the airport and Cramond.

This is a hugely important decision for the CAA and we welcome its challenge.  It is incumbent on all agencies involved to make sure the right decision is made for Scotland and we believe that if it takes longer than first anticipated, then it is worth it.

We are working hard with the regulator and NATS to answer the further questions asked, provide further clarity and ensure that the analysis and assessment of our proposals restarts as soon as possible.

We are confident that we can keep to our overall project plan and have our changes in place by Spring 2019.  We’ll continue to work to that goal.

In the meantime, we will issue the document explaining what we proposed and why, and hold the range of stakeholder meetings planned to accompany it.


Gordon Robertson
Director of Communications

Why not try and walk a little more in 2017?

Did you know, a generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s less than half. 

Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, want to reverse this decline.

Hutchison and Chesser is a great area for walking; to school, to our various shops and amenities, or on the Canal and Water of Leith paths. There are lots of benefits:

  • look after your heart
  • reduce the impact of diabetes
  • improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • help joint mobility
  • and improve mental health

This year, why not build a little more everyday walking into your routine?

Find out more about the campaign on Twitter, using the hashtags below, or visit the Living Streets Website 



Community Planning for People & Planet: Help set the environmental priorities for Edinburgh

Transition Edinburgh, Nourish and the Edinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership invite you to Wester Hailes Education Centre on Wednesday 15 February to discuss: “Community Planning for People & Planet: Help set the environmental priorities for four Edinburgh Locality Improvement Plans 2017-22.”

Topics discussed on the night will include:

  • Local Economic Resilience and Jobs
  • Food and Growing Local
  • Energy & Climate Change
  • Transport and Air Pollution
  • Open Spaces and Green Spaces.

Event Details:

Time: 6–8pm

Date: Wednesday 15 February

Venue: Wester Hailes Education Centre, 5 Murrayburn Drive, Edinburgh EH14 2SU

Register: EventBrite Transition Edinburgh


5.30pm Registration / refreshments / meet people
6.00pm Welcome with first keynote contributions
6.20pm Paired discussion about the issues raised
6.30pm More short contributions leading to questions
6.45pm Space for exploring topics / refreshments
7.00pm Table conversations leading to ideas for action
7.45pm Coming together to share the ideas generated
8.00pm Close


Additional Information

Local and citywide community groups and projects seeking to make improvements to our local environment are invited. Week-long exhibitions will be held at the same venue. They will open opportunity for contributors to input on local environmental priorities in next 5-10 years – all in the context of the emerging 2050 Edinburgh City Vision.

Issues from these events will be passed to project teams for each Locality Improvement Plan – due out by October 2017.

More information about the four Edinburgh Localities and Locality working can be found at or email for a briefing.

Register to attend the event at Eventbrite 

or via email

Useful links:


P7 Green Team plant bulbs and clear litter from Hutchison Crossway

On Tuesday 1 November, the P7s from St Cuthberts RC Primary School were out on Hutchison Crossway planting lots of Daffodil bulbs and picking up litter.

The P7s spent the morning on the Crossway, turning over the grass, planting bulbs and patching the grass back down again. They then worked along this end of the cycleway clearing the litter that has been dropped or blown into bushes.

The sun shone all morning and the Crossway looks very tidy as a result. A huge thanks to the P7s, the school staff, the Green Team and local Park Ranger Scott for organising the morning and taking part.

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Your services are changing – play your part

Originally posted on the Neighbourhood Partnership Website

Please give us your views on what your priorities are for where you live and how we should change Council services.

The Council has agreed draft spending and saving plans for the next three years.  Based on this we now need to make decisions on how to change services.

Like other cities, Edinburgh is changing:

  • our population is growing and changing
  • demand for our services is increasing all the time
  • local government budget cuts are continuing
  • technology is improving

So we need to change how we deliver our services.  We have already made some changes. We’re making better use of technology and working closer with our communities and partners, but we need to do more.

Edinburgh residents have already given us valuable feedback on what’s important to them through our budget consultation and through ongoing involvement with local Neighbourhood Partnerships. You told us to protect education, care for older people, culture, and services for vulnerable children and adults. These continue to be our priorities.  You also have told us you want to be involved in reshaping your services.

It’s easy for you to get involved by filling in the online survey, or joining in the conversation 

Changes to waste and recycling

Edinburgh’s new waste and recycling plan comes into force, for the Hutchison and Chesser area, in the first fortnight of June. New, smaller, landfill bins are being delivered in the next few weeks in preparation for the switch.

If you haven’t received a leaflet – or it disappeared into the bin by mistake! you can download a copy here – Recycling Phase_3_guide

Changes to bins:

Green bin (currently landfill): Tins, cans, paper, cardboard, envelopes, shredded paper, plastic bottles and bottle tops, pots, tubs and trays- put the items in loose, do not use plastic or black bags.

Blue box – Glass, batteries, small electricals and textiles

New Grey wheelie bin – All waste that can’t be recycled

Food waste bin – All food waste

Brown bin – Garden waste

Red box – No longer used